What benefits can an electric pallet truck offer your company?


More than half of the people working in warehouses experience physical complaints. They are often required to use a pallet truck to move heavy loads, something that isn't always done in an ergonomic and efficient manner. But how can we deal with this better?

The solution is the use of an electric pallet truck, which will lead to a decrease of the physical stress on your employees. After all, there's still a lot of force required to move goods by means of pallet trucks, but with an electric pallet truck this is no longer the case. This will then lead to fewer physical complaints and an increase in worker satisfaction.

In what cases is the use of an electric pallet truck recommended?

Longer distances can be covered faster with an electric pallet truck. So there is a considerable gain in productivity, as your employees can realise more work in the same length of time thanks to the electric pallet truck.

Lorries often have a small cargo space and require a lot of manoeuvring. The compact size and user-friendliness of an electric pallet truck make it easier to load a lorry.

Prevent industrial accidents: An electric pallet truck stops faster, as less force is required. Especially with heavy loads, the difference is considerable and many industrial accidents can be avoided.

But don't I have to charge the pallet truck all the time?

No! The range of models with an increased battery capacity is growing continuously. As a result, you can also use heavier electric models for a full working day without having to recharge in between.

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