Ergonomics are an important aspect of the Climax range. All pallet trucks, lift tables or stackers are designed in such a way that they relieve the back and arms of the user. The machines lift, move and push the load easily and comfortably. Furthermore, small ergonomic adjustments such as handgrips and electronic accessories provide an additional ease of use. You can easily adapt the electric tugs to your needs.


The Climax range can meet any need in your warehouse. Electric tugs, stackers, pallet trucks, weighting pallet trucks, lift tables ... are just some of the products included in our range, each with their specific goal.


Offering an excellent quality is our main priority. That is why all our products are CE-certified, extremely user-friendly and suitable for an efficient and safe working environment.  High-quality parts also need regular maintenance. For that reason Climax offers spare parts, thereby increasing the durability of your handling product even further.  We have all common parts in stock, so you are helped quickly.

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